A tasty life for Everyone.

Discover our 100% plant-based products, tasty, healthy, and mostly local. From plant-based drinks to dairy-free culinary creams.

100% plant-based


Our products are exclusively made from healthy, natural, and organic plant-based ingredients. They contain no traces of animal-derived products.

100% organic

Organic Agriculture

Without additives or chemical inputs, all our products are certified organic.

100% lactose-free


Without lactose or milk protein, our plant-based creams, milk, and ice creams are suitable for lactose intolerant individuals, those with allergies, and also for people who prefer plant-based options.

Where it all began

The passion for good food brought them together, first around a table, then in a shared workshop.

The desire to leave a better world (and better products) for their children did the rest.


Jesus, farmer and creator of plant-based sorbets

It was essential for me to know their approach to organic and ecological aspects. Ecology starts with human respect. I dedicate my life to exploring the different characteristics of food. Simple, unadulterated, natural, and plant-based nutrition is the key to living healthily and peacefully.

La table d’upignac

Neighborhood grocery stores foster connections. We act as intermediaries between local producers and customers. Both trust us. Being honest and humane is therefore paramount.

Graine de curieux, our collaboration with Quinoat

Together, we go further! Like running a marathon! Offering quality products, being an ethically and organically-minded SME, and working for a meaningful project are our common values.

They trust us


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