Who are we ?

The 4 of Us

Philippe, Bernard, and Jean-Christophe are epicureans, taste enthusiasts, and fathers (each with 3 children). They are concerned about sustainably and balancedly nourishing their households. That was enough for all three of them to embark on the Pretexte adventure, developing cooking solutions and spreading the use of healthy and flavorful plant-based ingredients. They then sought a true disciple to produce ice creams…

Jésus Florès, the eponymous father of the brand, had a thousand lives revolving around nature, agroforestry, and agriculture before venturing into ice cream production. Alone, he developed a beautiful range, but was about to give up until he met his 3 new apostles. Their paths had crossed, and they would never part ways again. Together, they now offer organic, natural, plant-based products sourced from organic and fairtrade* supply chains. No additives, preservatives, or other chemical inputs.

Our creed?

Good and healthy food to nourish our children, young and old. Our commitment is to offer a range of plant-based products as a true healthy alternative to dairy. Far from the industrial chains selling pseudo lactose-free products, here we work naturally, healthily, plant-based, and therefore 100% milk-free.

Finally, the 4 aces would be nothing without their full deck of strengths. Starting with their invaluable collaborators from the protected workshop “Travail&Vie” in Anderlecht. All Pretexte plant-based creams are indeed produced there by individuals with disabilities, guided by passionate individuals. Each and every one contributes to the daily production of Pretexte.

Our story in video: